Scavenger hunt!!!

Is it a lazy Sunday and there’s nothing to do? Is your sister or brother away? Well, here’s a great activity to do!!

You need:


A pencil (or something to write with)

A plastic bag

Three or four pieces of candy

A sibling or friend

  1. Fill the bag with three or four pieces of candy
  2. Rip the paper across hotdog way
  3. With your writing material write different clues such as ‘I’m very stinky’ or ‘this one is very cozy’ on the paper
  4. Hide the clues in the spot BEFORE that clue (if you wrote ‘this one is very cozy’ before ‘I’m very stinky’ you put ‘I’m very stink-y’ in the spot where ‘this one is very cozy’ leads to)
  5. Put the bag of candy in the last spot (if you wrote ‘I’m very stinky’ as your last clue, put the bag of candy in a spot that’s very stinky)
  6. Now the fun part!! Tell your sibling or friend you made them a scavenger hunt! For the first clue, give it to them or play hot or cold. If they get to far away, give them a clue.

Thanks for reading!!!

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